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This Jamb result checking portal will help you check your jamb result if you are already done with your examination and waiting for your jamb result to be released by the board.

Is no more news that 2020 jamb examination has started, in fact, candidates who had their exams scheduled to be among the first candidates to take the exams are already searching for tips to help them check their jamb result.

Everything you need to know regarding 2020 jamb result is contained in this page so look no further.

If you have been searching for “how to check jamb result“, this is the page dedicated to all jamb utme candidates who want to check their jamb result.

This page contains all the detailed instructions about how you can check your jamb result and other jamb related issues.

Officially, jamb has so many result checking portal, therefore candidates who wish to use the result checking portal find it a bit difficult to know the right portal for checking their jamb result.

Sometimes, the portal is always changed each year, meaning that the portal you used in checking the result last year may no longer be valid for checking it again this year.

There are some jamb result websites lookalike created to look JUST like the official jamb result website.

But eventually, they are not!

Of course, that is the main reason why I wrote this page.

To show you the right portal to check your result and as well walk you through ALL the steps to the successful checking of your jamb result.

Meanwhile, here is the jamb posting portal to check where you have been posted to for admission consideration.

Before I get started, let me tell you one of the most taken actions by jamb candidates immediately after seeing their result.

You may anticipate a high score in JAMB, only for your result to turn out to be something you never expected.

This is the point where scammers come in to say “They will help you upgrade your jamb result

Never fall for this cheap scam, do not say I never warned you.

Check Also: 2020 jamb syllabus for all the subjects

They will upgrade the result by importing it to any of these PDF editors and edit your scores.

Have you ever stopped for a minute to ask yourself what happens to your jamb result that is on official jamb server?

No need for too much stories jamb result upgrading is a scam.

So before you take a step to upgrade your jamb result read this.

Steps to Check 2020 jamb utme CBT Results Online

Hope you know that the result that you’ll be printing with the steps below is the unoriginal one, I published the full tutorial on how to print original jamb result, which you might want to go check it out.

Follow these steps to view the jamb 2020/2020 jamb results

  • Go to http://www.jamb.org.ng/ResultChecker/CheckUTMEResults/
  • Type in your jamb Registration Number in the space provided
  • Click “Check Result” green button

After following the steps outlined above.

Your Jamb utme result should be there staring at you 🙂

Good luck!

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  2. plz i wrote jamb on de 2 march n i receive a txt via sms. and i check 195. when i went to print it. no result yet. plz help. Reg no. 65372406AB

  3. linda says:

    hello sir..i wrote my exams on the 2nd march..and the result was sent via text and which i had verified online..
    days later i went to recheck it and it said ‘no result yet’
    what can i do..

  4. Abubakar Muhammad Abubakar says:

    I am, also of the opinion that jamb should revert to ppt. Because, by taking a careful look at the immediately conducted jamb, one would gets to know that there are insensitivies at the jamb’s board side. If i may tell you this small story, my cousin’s aggregate was 162, but a day letter it has changed 202. This indicates that jamb is clearly incapacitated in handling cbt. Moreover, why not applaud for prof. Dibu, and substitute him with anather masterThank you.

  5. Victor says:

    Pls I have checked my result before but and I saw it but now I Want to print it’s showing no result yet

  6. tope says:

    Jamb what happen to jamb cbt written on 23/3/2016 results?

  7. Beny says:

    Please my reg no is66256158EG What is my jamb result?

  8. enaholo amenaghwon says:

    please let them release the result before on the 1st of July post utme will soon expire and our result becomes useless .please let them consider the students we are like children at home let them help us pls .ewu ,Nigeria advance school of theology, please help us jamb officials we beg u all

  9. Habdullahi says:


  10. My registration no. 65557824A1. My result please

  11. Joel says:

    My registration no. 65557824A1. My result please

  12. panama daniel says:

    please i need to see my written on 13 may 2017
    my reg/no: 76808196HG

  13. Nchewi Attu says:


  14. Odukojo Taofiq says:

    My son’s registration number:77065884AF

    Please i need to see his result

  15. AMEH OJOFEDO G. says:

    pls sir, how do i retrieve my 2012 jamb result.

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