Where to buy Tungdom

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Where to buy Tungdom near you | tungdom for sale |Facts about Tungdom The New Condom Worn On The Tongue For Protection During O-ral Se-x (Photos)

Where to buy Tungdom

tungdom for sale
condoms for your tongue

Where to buy Tungdom ?

For those of you that like to wash plate with their tongue, Tungdom is now fast selling. Grab yours now!!

You can buy one from trusted Tongue Condoms, Tongue Condoms Suppliers and Manufacturers on alibaba.com or contact me and I help you Import it to Nigeria.

tungdom for sale
condoms for your tongue

Best tungdoms for men

Flavor long love tongue condoms. … Tongue latex male s-e x co-ndom

See Tungdom The New Co-ndom Worn On The Tongue For Protection During Or-al S-e-x (Photos)

about Tungdom New Condom

Condom Worn On The Tongue – Tungdom

Condom Worn On The Tongue, Or-al s-ex is when you stimulate your pa-rtner’s g-e-nitals with your mouth, lips or tongue. This could involve sucking or licking their penis (also called fellatio), v-ag-ina, vu-lva or cli-toris (cunnilingus), or an-us (anilingus).

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Tungdom is a new condom to protect the male folks from sexually transmitted infections (STDS) during sexual intercourse by or-al s-e-x.

The con-dom is designed for the tongue and will prevent the tongue from touching the female organ during or-al se-x.

How to wear a Tungdom properly

Learning to put a Tungdom on your mouth is both a great parlor trick and also a wonderful way to make Tungdom a highly desirable part of s-e-x play.

It can take several tries to get it right, and do it smoothly, and you need to be careful not to damage the tungdom, but you should have no problem getting your partner to let you practice.

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