Employment opportunities for graduates in legal technology

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Want to know employment opportunities for graduates in legal technology?

There are a number of opportunities for graduation in legal technology, but when we have never had legal experience, it may be difficult to find one.

Here is a brief overview of the types of positions a junior legal technician can aspire to.

Corporate litigation

Some companies (most of them in fact) have a legal department in-house, that is, a lawyer, sometimes two or three (or more than 20 in very large companies).

Generally, when the company hires a lawyer, it also hires an assistant and a legal technician.

Sometimes, however, a legal technician may be called upon to perform administrative duties in addition to legal duties if he / she is alone with the lawyer in the Department.

There are disputes in all types of companies.

For example, real estate companies can hire a technician who will work either in the commercial department (office buildings), in the leasing department (retail stores) or in the franchise department.

Office jobs

Whether in the field of litigation, corporate law, labor law, family law, taxation, real estate, insolvency, banking, collection or commercial law, law firms hire legal technicians to draft procedures, updating of documents, case management and research (among others).

That said, there are several nuances to be made.

For example, in a large firm, there are levels of seniority to be taken into account (2 years at the junior level, 3 to 5 years at the intermediate level, before reaching the senior level).

Progress is therefore slower than in small firms, but the bases are much stronger.

Moreover, in a small cabinet, the files are often smaller (multi-million dollar corporate transactions are typically in the hands of very large offices).

In a small office as well, sometimes the technician is also required to carry out administrative tasks since everyone has to help the firm to run smoothly.

Positions with organizations

Professional bodies or organizations, as well as insurance companies, also hire legal technicians.

It should be noted however that positions in such institutions usually involve some customer service.

For example, some legal technicians are in charge of guiding clients on the provisions of the law that governs their particular situation or receiving complaints and mounting files.

Salaries are usually framed by strict salary scales and the budget must be unblocked before opening the posts, which makes the rejection rate of spontaneous candidates higher.

Public Service Positions

These types of positions are usually posted on government websites and the selection processes are long and tedious.

There are several long months of waiting and several tests to pass before reaching the next level.

Wages are not very competitive, but benefits and work schedules compensate for this.


A graduate in legal technology may also aspire to various positions in the courts (court clerk, court interpreter, etc.), or even as a researcher, contract manager or legal analyst. records.


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