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All the universities in Nigerian now use remita payment service to process school fees, acceptance fees, and other fees.

Apart from paying school fees, remita can be used to pay utility bills another transaction.

With all of these services offered by, you need to generate rrr number or code before you can proceed with any transaction.

The starting point is to get the generate rrr code for the transaction before proceeding to make payment.

There are many reasons why you might want to generate rrr code – Remita Retrieval Reference Number.

The few, listed above are just the tip of the iceberg.

There is more to it than using to pay school fees.

So if you’ve been in search of how to generate rrr code from

then this page is for you.

Here, you’ll be walked through the step-by-step guide to generating rrr code from for your transaction.

Irrespective of the type of transaction you are about carrying out using remita

These steps will work for you.

Some people pay a lot at cyber cafes/business centers to generate rrr code for their transactions.

What do you think about knowing how to generate the rrr code yourself?

Awesome, right?

That’s exactly what you’ll get from this page.

It is no more news that most Nigeria universities now use to process school fees and other school transactions.

Not just for schools, there are other federal government bills that can be paid via

I can still remember when I wanted to carry out a business name search at corporate affairs commission (CAC)

I was referred to go to the bank and make payment before bringing the teller back to CAC office.

On getting to the bank, the first question the teller asked was “Have you generated your rrr code?”

I said no!

I thought everything will be done in the bank.

Since my assumptions were all wrong, I had to go back to town in search of where to get my rrr code generated for the transaction

since I was already out of the office.

So here is the complete guide to generating rrr code.

How To Generate RRR Code From

Irrespective of what you want to do at, you will be required to have your own unique rrr code.

pay a remita customer/biller

pay salaries, resend receipt/invoice

pay a federal government agency

pay an electronic invioce

pay FIRS taxes

sign up to receive payments

pay state government and agencies

This remita retrieval reference (rrr) code will help track the transaction, in case anything goes wrong with the transaction.

Here is how to generate it.

  • Go to
  • Click on “pay a federal government agency” if that is what you actually want to do see on the screen shot below:

How to generate RRR code from

  • Then fill in the information as required.
  • And there you have your RRR code displayed on your screen.

Easy, right?

That’s it!

If you have any question or contribution regarding how to generate rrr code via, please leave it in the comment section.

I read recently too how to pay federal government bills using remita online payment, it might help you further.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    on the home page, what will i click to obtain NOUN form? is it fed govt payment

  2. esther says:

    i misplace my rrr code which i use to pay my noun form

  3. Dr Ajewole, Williams Olu ([email protected]) says:

    Please send me the code to pay annual practicing fee to the Medical & Dental Council of Nigeria.

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