Best sports journalism universities in the world

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This page lists the best sports journalism universities categorized by countries.

So irrespective of the country that you wish to know the best sports journalism university for, you are likely to find the best sports journalism university in your country here.

Your search for where to study sports journalism is finally over as you landed on the right page to get the information digested.

Gone are the days where we used to think that Law, Medicine, and Engineering were the most vocational profession that exists.

Well, I’m not disputing that.

But have you ever thought of any other profession apart from the 3 mentioned above?

The doctor is born, like the policeman, always ready to maintain order, or the veterinarian, lover of animals since he starts walking.

But there is another profession that also deserves some of the vocational aspirations.

Well, I want to believe you must have known how lucrative sports journalism was before for searching for the information to get this list of best sports journalism universities.

The list I’m about sharing with you is in no particular order of preference.

They are all good universities when it comes to sports journalism and they are all good.

Best sports journalism universities

Best sports journalism universities

The University of Navarra — The first on my list is the University of Navarra.

The University of Navarra has sports journalism as one of their courses and it made it to our list of best Universities for sports journalism.

The University of Navarra does not apply any cut-off grade to determine access to its degrees programs (sports journalism included) and establishes its price for the first year of registration at €10338.

The Complutense University of Madrid — The Complutense University of Madrid is also in good position, the Faculty of Information Sciences of the Complutense which has the sports journalism is ranked number 77 in the ranking.

In this case, it does establish a cut grade of 7.4. The price of the first year in her Degree in Journalism amounts to €1,385.

Best sports journalism universities in a list

  1. The University of Navarra
  2. The Complutense University of Madrid
  3. Autonomous University of Barcelona
  4. Universitat Pompeu Fabra of Barcelona
  5. University of Granada
  6. Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid

More universities offering sports journalism will be updated on this page.

Or do you know of any university offering sports journalism? I can make it to this list of best sports journalism universities, be kind enough to share it us in the comment section.

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