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This Aliss Bonython biography / profile page will reveal to you here age, I mean her real age, net worth and other things you wish to know about Aliss Bonython.

Aliss Bonython is a plus-size model was born in 1996.

So if you have been yearning to know her real age, now you know she was born in 1996.

As at the time of updating this page, Aliss Bonython was 21 years.

You might want to know here real/current age after now, just subtract 1996 which is here birth year from the current year and you will have her current age.

She’s a plus-size model and blogger.

In the past she starved herself to loose weight but with time she decided to embrace her figure.

Aliss is studying American studies and literature, she has also inspired lots of women to accept their figure.

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