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Jamb cbt software is one of the tools for an effective preparation for the forth coming 2018 jamb.

I have written some pages in preparation for 2018 jamb.

I lot of candidates do not know how to fill jamb form, especially candidates sitting for the exams for the first time.

That, I have shared comprehensively in 2018/2019 jamb form / application and registration page which you might want to check that out.

If you really need to make it through 2018 jamb, you really need to get your jamb cbt software downloaded into your android phone, laptop, desktop or any type of PC or device you have.

Get jamb syllabus too to guide you in your preparation.

It will really help you know the area which you should focus your reading attention on, combined with jamb past questions.

This is campuspeep.com, we are not in anyway affiliated with the joint admissions and matriculation board (JAMB).

We are putting up this page, not to mislead any body, but to give an idea how jamb cbt exams usually looks like.

It is no more news that jamb is entirely computer based, no more paper and pencil test.

So this cbt software will give you an idea how the interface of the exams looks like and helps familiarize yourself with the interface.

It is not everyone that is familiar with computers, but if you must make it through 2018 jamb, you must make yourself conversant with it.

Download the refreshed 2018 version of the jamb cbt practice software, for free.

To begin your free download of the jamb cbt practice software 2018, start your free download.

This year’s jamb cbt practice software is packed with great features and an easier to use interface, to give you the same experience you would have in the real jamb cbt exam for 2018.

If you have this CBT software, you no longer need to visit any training centre as it also contains “Help Topics” and free jamb syllabus that can be used to train yourself on how to write jamb cbt exam within a few hours.

It now has the updated questions till 2017 for all major subjects and you can now reset your time and number of questions as you get better.

The best part of it is that it can be used offline and does not require the internet to be used.

The good thing also is that the 2018 jamb cbt practice software has been developed and designed in a compact way, with a very minimal file size, it can be downloaded in less than a minute if you have a strong and fast network signal.

If you want to start your free download, while you continue reading, please click here to download jamb cbt for free.

They say “Practice Makes Perfect”. If you are looking forward to writing jamb cbt exam in 2018, you should download, install and activate this particular software NOW so you can be “Perfect” before the exam day.

It’s free to download the demo.

If you already have any Get Higher Score (GHS) CBT practice Software, this version will FREELY upgrade it to the 2018 version for you, without need for re-activation.

This can be done within 1 minute. Remember however that, if you’re using Windows 7 or higher, you will still need to Right Click the downloaded file and click “Run as Administrator” to install properly.

For those looking to get into the business of reselling this awesome software and become either a Major or Minor Distributor to students, schools and training centres in their area, you can also download the free software and then apply to Become a jamb cbt Agent/Reseller.

If you have 3 or more computer systems lying dormant, you can start your own CBT Training Centre Business.

The best part of it is that it can be used offline and does not require the internet to work. Just apply to download the free software and then apply to Become a jamb cbt Agent/Reseller.

React in the comment section, share you thoughts / views. Let’s hear you.

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