Original jamb result slip: One of the required document for post utme screening

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A lot of post utme candidates ask me this question “If jamb original result slip is needed for post utme screening.

The simple answer to the frequently asked question in YES.

So if you are one of those candidates asking “Is original jamb result required for post utme screening?”

Now you know!

How about the our jamb result we go few days after the exams?

The result you printed few days after writing your jamb has no passport on it, but jamb original result has.

That one was just to check to know if you have made it through jamb.

If you made it through jamb, now is time to get your original jamb result that has your passport photograph on it printed.

Original jamb result slip is one of documents that you are required to take to your university or polytechnic of choice for post utme / admission screening exercise.

In that case, you need to get it handy before going for the post utme / admission screening in your university of choice.

In short, if you checked your jamb result and scored at lease 180, the next thing to do is to print jamb original result with passport, while you wait for your school to call for post utme / admission screening.

How to print jamb original result

There are some steps your need to get your original jamb result printed.

It is not more news that the board has stopped the selling of scratch cards.

Before  now, you would just walk into any jamb office in your locality and get jamb e facility card to print your result.

But now it’s a different ball game.

Everything is now done online, which you need to have a debit card to be able to print your original jamb result.

  • You need an account at jamb e facility portal or log in to your existing account
  • You debit card to make the transaction (not alll ATM card works)
  • STRONG internet connection to power the transaction
  • Then you print your jamb original result

If you are not an internet savvy, you might have issue printing your original jamb result.

Why stress yourself when you can use campuspeep services to print your original jamb result?

Don’t worry, go about other business, while we print your original jamb result for you.

Here is a sample of original jamb result slip below:

original jamb result slip print out

How to get campuspeep to print your original jamb result for you

Yes! One of our missions is to help ease the stress of students.

Anything educational stuff that seem stressful, just cast it on us and we’ll help you get it don at ease.

We’ll help you get your original jamb result and attach it to your email address, there you can JUST download your result and print it out.

It’s as simple as that!

That’s not all, you will still have a copy of your original jamb result reserved in your email, in case you misplace the one you printed.

You can always get back to your email to get it printed again and again.

That is one of the advantages that you should let us get your original jamb result for you.

This service costs a token of ₦2000 only.

To contract us to get your original jamb result for you,  make payment of the said amount to the account details below:

payment for original jamb result printing

After payment, send the depositor’s name, your jamb e facility portal login details and your jamb registration number to the phone number below:


Once your payment is confirmed, your original jamb result will be printed and forward to your email so you can download it and print it out.

Should in case you have any doubt, please do not hesitate to leave it in the comment section.

Please note, this is not jamb website.

This is campuspeep.com we are not in any way affiliated to the board.

Campuspeep is a private educational consultancy website.

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