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What’s really the difference between original JAMB result and the temporary result you print after your examination?

If what you’ve been searching for all these while is:

“how you can print your original JAMB result”

Look no further, as campuspeep.com is here to ease your stress.

This is one of the things that inspired the inception of campuspeep.com – To ease the stress of Nigerian students.

If you are offered admission into any of the universities in Nigeria, polytechnic, or college of education

you might want to include your original JAMB result in your credentials.

JAMB result website might be required  as one of the screening requirements for your admission screening exercise.

Though most tertiary institutions do not really take it very important, but some do.

So it is important to get your JAMB result printed, even before going for the screening.

You don’t just need the original JAMB result for admission screening.

Students who have been offered admission already might still need it.

For example,

Some scholarship boards requires you present an authentic copy of JAMB result before you are offered the scholarship.

Which ever reason you want to print your original JAMB result.

Whether you want it printed for admission screening or scholarship reimbursement, here is the page to get it done for FREE.

Before I walk you through the steps of printing your original JAMB result, let’s clarify the differences between original JAMB result and the temporary (unoriginal) result.

Original JAMB result – How it looks like

Original JAMB result carries your passport on it.

That is one of the major differences between original JAMB result and the unoriginal JAMB result.

The fact that the unoriginal JAMB result is printed in colored does not make it original.

Check out a sample of original JAMB result below:

original JAMB result sample

That is how original JAMB result looks like.

In the case of the un-original JAMB result, it has no passport on it.

You may take a look at the unoriginal JAMB result below:

JAMB result

This is the copy that you will get when you are not using the e-facility card to check the result.

This version of JAMB result is often released, few days after the examination.

Also, another point to note is that this version of JAMB result is always allowed to be checked 5 times for FREE..

After which, you will be required to purchase the e-facility card to check it further.

We print ORIGINAL JAMB result

I’m taking my time to come up with this post, to walk you through the steps to printing your original JAMB result.

If you still find it confusing and want someone to help you print yours for you.

We are at your service.

That is one of the many services offered by campuspeep team.

If you want us to get it done for you, click here to fill the contact form to let us know.

If you are still confused and doesn’t know how the original copy of JAMB result looks like, go back and check now!

Before you get it done, if you are a WAEC candidate, you might want to check this WAEC syllabus..

Step-by-Step guide how to print original JAMB result [Method 1]

  • Make sure you have a working internet connection
  • Start your browser, you can use your mobile phone to get this done too, use Google chrome browser if you want to use a phone to do it
  • On your browser address bar, go to http://www.jamb.org.ng/efacility/
  • On getting to JAMB e facility page, Log in to your account or click on “Create an account” if you don’t have an account. See image below:

original jamb result
Note: Do not login with another persons account unless you are printing result for that person.

  • Under the list of services, Click on the “Print Result Slip”
  • On the next page that appears, click “continue with payment” to make payment via Remita or other options available
  • If the payment is successful, your JAMB Original result slip will be displayed and you can proceed to print it immediately. It will equally be sent to your email address in case you prefer to print it later.

That’s all you need to know about the result printing, if you have any question or contribution, please leave it in the comment.

Meanwhile, here is the highest JAMB result for 2017 JAMB UTME exercise.

That has been all regarding Original jamb result, if you have any question or contribution, please leave it in the comment section. Please tab any of the share buttons below to share this NOW...

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  1. Adeniji mercy oluwatosin says:

    in the case that you went to search for your jamb result online and you where given a result of 163 but when you checked on line that you wanted to print out your original jamb result and you saw 245 is it possible.

  2. Faith o anele says:

    Check my jamb result pls, l wrote on 1st July

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Pls can I print original result for 2017 now

  4. Logan says:

    please i think this post is out dated: the information doesnt apply to wat is obtainable for 2017. for 2017 you are required to make a remita payment at the bank

    • Roy (Editorial Staff) says:

      Thank you Logan for drawing our attention.. The post has been updated with the current steps to getting your original JAMB result.

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