This undergraduate scholarship page will help students and even prospective students walk through their academic pursuit.

I’m you know the educational system in Nigeria, that you have to seat for JAMB UTME even before proceeding to your proposed University for admission processes – Post UTME.

My JAMB UTME and post UTME page has helped a lot of prospective students metamorphose to being an existing student in their chosen university.

Most of these undergraduates are self sponsored; I hope you know what that means? Most of them drop out of school because of financial challenges, despite the fact that they are brainy.

This page intends to list all the available undergraduate scholarships in Nigeria which all the financially incapacitated undergraduates can apply for.

Note: If you are financial capable of taking care of your undergraduate program just quit this page now, this page is strictly for people who are willing to be a graduate someday, but the dream seem unattainable because of their poor financial status.


Where are the available scholarships and how can I apply?

In this section of this blog, there are various scholarships listed here, just choose the one that you are qualified and apply.

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