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UNIUYO post UTME 2016

This page is dedicated to all UNIUYO post UTME and DE candidates; if you want to get detailed information about UNIUYO post UTME or to check your post UTME result, then this page is for you.

This page intends to be a very long scrolled down page, so you might want to take your time to read.

Below is a table of content to this page; it might guide you through UNIUYO post UTME related information that you are searching for.

After the official release of 2015 UNIUYO post UTME form, the management of the University has also reduced the cut off marks for all departments to 180.

If you applied for UNIUYO post UTME and looking forward to writing the forth coming post UTME; This page is for you.

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As at the time of updating this page UNIUYO post UTME form was released. 2015 JAMB has come and gone; now all UNIUYO prospective students wants to know one or two things about 2016 UNIUYO post UTME.

What is it that you want to know about 2016 UNIUYO post UTME? In this page I will help outline all of the things you need to know about 2016 UNIUYO post UTME.

In case I omit anything, or if I don’t address the issue that is affecting or confusing you about UNIUYO 2016 Post UTME while writing this page, please do let us know about it.

As you made it through JAMB to attain the score you desired, so shall you also make it in this forth coming 2016 UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise.

Did I hear you say “AMEN”? See your mouth 😉

Don’t mind me o! Yes, we have all the materials that you need to pass UNIUYO post UTME.

In one of my articles, I published the reasons why prospective UNIUYO students fail post UTME. You might not want to make the same mistakes others made; as revealed in the above linked article.

How to pass UNIUYO post UTME is no big deal; its just all about knowing the right steps to take; of course this is where you will be given the guidelines that will help you in the forth coming post UNIUYO UTME.

A lot of candidates feels getting a higher score in post UTME is a mystery. Why thinking that much?

When you are told what to do and you do it; that will end the whole story, as well as cease the question “how can I pass UNIUYO post UTME”. This page intends to be a very long scrolled down page, so you might want to take time and read it, so that you can find answers to some UNIUYO post UTME related questions that might be bothering you.

What is the Nature of UNIUYO post UTME Exam?

Recently too, we published an article that reveled the secrete of UNIUYO post UTME. The article is titled “UNIUYO Post UTME Secrets Revealed

A lot of candidates are still asking for the nature of UNIUYO post UTME; and how the post UTME looks like. Regarding how UNIUYO post UTME looks like.

You can buy UNIUYO post UTME past question papers, this will answer the question for you. In the past question papers is where you will get to know the number of questions that you will be expected to answer in your post UTME.

Recently too, a candidate who applied for University of Uyo called me to ask if he is writing the same subjects he wrote in JAMB.

Hope you know the response to this? Of course you will be writing the same subject combination. For example if what you wrote in your JAMB was Use of English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

That will be the same subject combination that you will be writing in your post UTME. Also, the same subject combination you wrote in your JAMB is the combination that we’ll send to you in the post UTME past questions and answers package.

Though the subject combination may differ for some reasons.

But before you apply for UNIUYO post UTME exams, you are expected to have scored at least 180 aggregate in your JAMB UTME. You should also ensure you have the relevant O level certificates. The is the eligibility state.

Guarantee to Passing UNIUYO post UTME Exams

What is the guarantee that you will pass this year’s UNIUYO post UTME? It’s all up to you to decide either to make this time or come back in a later year.

In one or our articles, a student asked in the comment section of this post and i quote him

Is it true Sir that UNIUYO repeat their past questions for UTME exam?

The simple answer to this question is YES!

If you buy the post UTME past question papers from us; you stand a very big chance to gaining the admission into the University of Uyo to study your desired course.

The fact is this; UNIUYO restructures the same question of past post UTME years for the present year post UTME exams, knowing that they repeat the questions; what do you think about getting the past questions?

You will smile at the question paper when you enter the exams hall; only to find out that what I’m saying here is the whole truth. You will be like – Wow!

So what that guy said was true? anyway, thank God.

What is the Cut off Mark for UNIUYO?

I published the cut off mark for some major departments in UNIUYO. They are:

You might want to check out the cut off mark for other departments in UNIUYO in our cut off mark section.

Regarding UNIUYO cut off mark, some students asked; I had low JAMB score, but not below 180, I’m I qualified for UNIUYO Post UTME or will UNIUYO call me for their post UTME?

They will call you, but you will need to score high in your post UTME so that when they divide your JAMB and your Post UTME score respectively you will have to the average.

When Will UNIUYO Post UTME form Be Out?

I know that you are so eager to write the post UTME and get into the school without further delay. But as at the time of updating this post, the post form was out.

The University of Uyo usually announce the commencement of her Post UTME Examination towards the middle of the second semester of every session.

From the day of the announcement, candidates are to purchase the Post UTME Scratch cards at the designated banks, mostly UNIUYO Micro Finance bank and Register online for the Post UTME Exams.

This process usually takes two weeks from the date of the press release.

We do help candidates who are far away from Uyo to get the post UTME scratch card and register them for the post UTME exams. Isn’t that an amazing service? Of course it is.

So instead of traveling from where you are to Uyo to register for UNIUYO post UTME, you can relax over there while we do the registration here for you. You can call our students helpline for further details on post UTME registration for candidates who are not in Uyo.

The exact date for UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise is unknown to anyone, except the school management.

That is why we advice you to subscribe.

But the management of the University do always make both internal and external announcements of their post UTME Exams. The information is always published in National Dailies, like Punch, Daily Sun, Pioneer etc. Also, the information will also be available on most blogs and websites one of them is campuspeep.com, as well as radio and television.

I promised that once UNIUYO 2016 post UTME screening exercise is announced by the University management, that we’ll let all of the subscribed users of this site to know that the 2016 UNIUYO post UTME form is out – Off course that, we have done!
I bet you don’t want to be left behind, so you might want to subscribe to stay updated.

When will UNIUYO post UTME Result Be released?

After the post UTME exams it will take one to two weeks for the result to be released, pending on how soon the exams team can finish compiling the result.

In this blog we promise to check 2016 UNIUYO post UTME result  for all the subscribed members of this blog FREE OF CHARGE (FOC) Yes; you heard me well, I said free of charge.

So make sure you subscribe in order not to lose the goodies – Yes, the AWOOF!

 So how will I register for 2016 UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise?

UNIUYO post UTME registration is simple that you can even do it yourself; that is if you know the registration portal.

If you think you can do it yourself without messing up the form, you can go ahead and do the registration. For those of you who are leaving away from Uyo, you can call us to get the scratch card for you.

We’ll get the card for you and send you the pin number while you do the registration wherever you are. to register for UNIUYO post UTME; if you are far from Uyo, there are two options for you.

Either you send us your details and to process your registration for you or we buy the scratch card and send you the pin while you process the registration over there by yourself.

After purchasing your UNIUYO Post UTME scratch card, you are advised to visit a trusted online registrar to submit the registration for you.

You can do it alone if you think you will not make mistakes. This is the website for registration: http://uniuyo.edu.ng/. Registration will require recent passports photograph and your personal details.

Wherever you are, you can contact our trusted agent for UNIUYO Post UTME online registration.  After registration, you are expected to print out the exams slip which will qualify you to enter the exams hall. Make photocopy of this slip because it contains vital information like the result checker code number and login details.

Can I get a place to stay during the post UTME screening exercise?

Yes you can!

For your information, the management of the University of Uyo approved my house for all the 2016 UNIUYO post UTME candidates to stay. My house don turn crusade accommodation camp, abi? That devil is a liar.

Don’t mind me o, because all work and no joke makes you a dull guy or babe.

If you are not really familiar with Uyo, It is such a nice place to be. Check some pictures of Uyo here.

Uyo is located in the South-South region of Nigeria, just after Abia state if you are coming from either the West or the East or North. Uyo is a very hospitable place to stay with its nice terrain and infrastructures. Here the weather is nice and the environment is peaceable for studies.

In most states capital, there are buses that can convey you to Uyo without stress.  On arrival at Uyo, you can go to the University of Uyo hostel and apply for free temporary lodging which is usually one day. this is inconvenience anywhere.

If you will need a place that is comfortable, you can contact our trusted agent in Uyo prior to your arrival. He will be able arrange a nice and affordable accommodation for you. Even if you need a luxurious apartment to lodge for the period of the exams.

How long Will UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise last?

If you are wondering how long the exercise will last; usually it takes 7days (one week). So if you are wondering how long you will be staying in Uyo for the exercise or probably wondering how long you should pay for the accommodation; Note that the screening exercise takes 1 week.

This does not mean that you will pay for accommodation for the one week of the post UTME exams.

Note that dates for exams depend on your departments. This information on the exams subject and venues will be printed on large format and displayed on strategic locations like the University first and main gate during the exams period.

On arrival at the University, All students are always assembled at the CBN hall of the University for a brief orientation by the Registrar and University management and subsequent commencement of the Post UTME.

UNIUYO Post UTME Time Table 2016

As promised that our time table page will be updated once the school management released the post UTME time table.

Click here to get the full time table

How many questions will be asked in UNIUYO post UTME?

If you seek to know the number of questions that will be asked in the post UTME, then you are seeking to know how the exams looks like.

Of course that was the intent of the creation of this page. UNIUYO post UTME exams comprises of 100 questions, that is 25 questions in English which is compulsory for all candidates, 25 each for the remaining subject combinations relevant to your course of study.

Assuming you are writing UNIUYO post UTME for Engineering, then you will be answering 25 questions from English (compulsory), 25 questions from Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry respectively.

The time allowed to answer all of these questions is 1 hour. Yes, 1 hour I said. Once the invigilator says start! Then your one hour will start counting down.

You are expected to dot your I and cut your T at the STOP! command. You might want to obey this command, because failure to obey – may lead to automatic disqualification. So take note.

You will be required to submit your answers alongside with your photo card and not less than two passport photographs.

Is UNIUYO paper and pencil testing (PPC) or computer based test (CBT)?

Which one of them do you prefer? Computer based or paper and pencil testing? I don’t know if the management of the University of Uyo is planing to migrate from paper and pencil testing method to UNIUYO post UTME computer based testing in their subsequent years.

For now, UNIUYO post UTME test exams is paper and pencil. They may adopt the current computer based testing method.  If there are changes in this exams format, as usual we’ll let you know about it.

You will be given a question paper OMR paper and you will use HB pencil to shade your details and your answers.

The question papers are of different types just like JAMB.

So for those of you looking for UNIUYO post UTME computer based test, you might want to wait and see what the future will tell.

What is the Subject Combination for UNIUYO post UTME

A lot of UNIUYO post UTME candidate are still asking if they will be writing the same subject combination with that of JAMB. Yes you are still writing the same combination, but in some cases, the combination may differ. Click here to see what I have to share regarding UNIUYO post UTME subject combination.

After UNIUYO post UTME; what should be done next?

After writing the exams, a week or two later the result will be released.

Candidates will be able to access their results on the school website; http://uniuyo.edu.ng/. Enter the login information contained in the photocopied slip and get your result.

We also offer the service of checking UNIUYO post UTME result for free (exclusive to our subscribed candidates).

After seeing your UNIUYO post UTME result what next?

Your post UTME result determines whether you will be offered the admission or not. After seeing your result; if you score what you wanted, of course there will be Jubilation in the air.

After seeing your result if you nailed it, the next thing you should do is to pray that your name should come out in the merit admission list.

What of UNIUYO post UTME candidates who have not seen their name in the admission list?

It do happen that way. You may have scored what you feels should grant you the admission, but for some courses with very tough competition percentage like medicine and law the case might be different.

This is where UNIUYO supplementary form comes in, so instead of staying another year in at home, you can pick the supplementary form and choose any other available related course and supplement.

I hope this page will help ease some of your tension about 2016 UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise.

If you have some other questions to ask regarding the forth coming 2016 UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise, you might want to leave it in the comment section or visit UNIUYO post UTME FAQ page; I guess that page might also be of help to you.

It is our earnest prayer that all of you should gain the admission this year. Sure, you will.

Here is our promise to all UNIUYO 2016 post UTME candidates
  • If you subscribe to this blog, we’ll check the result for you when it’s out for FREE!
  • If you are far from Uyo, our agent in Uyo will help you get the scratch card for you or process the post UTME registration for you while you send your details.
  • We’ll stand solidly behind you in terms of all the information you need through out 2016 UNIUYO post UTME screening exercise.

In conclusion, post UTME past questions is the key to pulling down UNIUYO post UTME strong holes, so make sure you buy original UNIUYO post UTME past question papers from us today and start preparing ahead of time for the post UTME screening exercise.

How will I get the post UTME past Questions?

The post UTME past question is a token of 1k; yes, 1000.00 for all the 4 subject combinations that you will writing.

Visit our payments page for information on how to make payments for the post UTME past questions and answers.

For further inquiry, do not fail to give us a call on the phone line below:
Or you might want to leave your questions in the comment section below. Not all of your friends that intends writing the post UTME are fortunate enough to see this page. I think this page is helpful, as it has helped you, it might help other UNIUYO post UTME candidate.

Why I’m saying this is I’m charging you to be kind enough to share this page; using the share buttons below.

Preferably you can call them to tell them about this page or give them the address (URL) to this page. The URL that will take them here is http://campuspeep.com/uniuyo-post-utme-2016/ that is the URL that brought you here.

For they to be able to browse this page; just as you are browsing now, they will need a web enabled phone, I mean a phone that can connect to the internet.

Preferable they can visit the nearest cyber cafe to browse this page and get all the necessary information about 2016 UNIUYO post UTME.

As we promised we’ll send an email alert to everybody when the post UTME form is out, so you might want to securely leave your name and email with us using the form below:


That’s all for now regarding 2015 UNIUYO post UTME. Don’t forget to buy UNIUYO post UTME past questions and answers from us.

I have stressed this issue of UNIUYO post UTME past questions enough for you to know that it is an important tool recommended to any UNIUYO post UTME candidate who is aiming at achieving the desired score, not just the score, but also gain the admission.

Gaining admission into the University of Uyo is one of your year 2016 resolutions, right? How did I know? That is to say I’m in the spirit. Lol

Because I know that it is one your resolutions this year, that is why I’m creating this helpful and resourceful page for you. They say a word  is enough for the wise, there is no point telling you much stories. If you take all of the information contained in this page into consideration, you will smile at the end.

I think I should stop here for now. Go and glow

Talk soon…

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