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A guide to checking your WAEC result!

If you’ve been asking how you can check your WAEC result; this page is for you.

This page aims at teaching you how to check your WAEC result; so for those of you with Google search keyword such as “I want to check my WAEC result” this page is recommended to all of you and I will charge you no kobo for teaching you this.

As at the time of writing this; WAEC result for 2015 was released so you can click the linked text to access our result checker page and check your 2015 WAEC result.

This page is basically a guide for you to check your WAEC result by yourself, so if you don’t want to pay anybody to check your WAEC result for you; then fasten your seat belt while I take you into the atmosphere where the tutorial is already flowing – LOL.

In this context, the only thing you will need to buy is WAEC scratch card and that’s all; if you have any of these printers at home or office; fine, that means you will be checking your WAEC result absolutely FREE.

NOTE: You can use this same steps to check the result for your son, daughter or relative even in your business center; if you have one.

…lets go there

How to check WAEC result – FREE

  • After getting your WAEC scratch card
  • Proceed to WAEC direct result checking portal
  • Fill in your Examination and card details there and hit on submit
  • That’s all; after clicking on the submit button, wait for some minutes for your WAEC result to pop up

Also take note that you are restricted to a certain number of times which you can check your WAEC result with one scratch card; so you are advised to print it out.

If you have any question regarding this guide on how to check your WAEC result please leave it in the comment section, if you did not understand the explanation here, watch the video below for better understanding.

I wish you good luck

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